Hi. My name is David Koerner, and I am a marketer.

I use digital technology to solve problems, transform consumer experiences, and help great brands connect with new customers around the world.

I have travelled through over 40 countries, and have been recognized for success in public relations, sales, new business development, category management, and digital strategy.



Want to create a customer? Start by understanding their needs and focusing on their wants. From new business models to new industrial design, coming up with novel solutions to complex challenges is my favorite part of what I do.


Innovation is a series of dials and knobs. I lead change and challenge the status quo by finding the perfect mix of risk and experimentation, data analysis and strategy--then bridge the gap to implementation and execution.


Powerful and prolific communication is the foundation of great leaders, and great brands. Whether I'm relaying expectations to a sales team, deliverables to a client, or product benefits to a customer, clarity and consistency is key.


If there's a secret to my success it's a genuine enthusiasm for the work I do, the products I touch, and the people I meet along the way. Inspiring those around me is about setting high-quality targets and sharing excitement.


Oh, Hello.

Dave Koerner Portrait

About me

I am a native Californian, a Penn State grad, and a marketer for the 3M Company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

If there's one thing that defines me, it's that I don't like sitting still. Some highlights:

Social Media Superfan

Founded the Penn State alumni group on Linkedin, the largest network of Penn Staters and one of the largest in the world, with ~60K members.


Assembled start-up teams for an RFID-enabled wine-inventory-management system and an Android Challenge mobile payments app.

Sales Trainer

Designed a modular 3 week training curriculum for sales reps in Southeast Asia. Collaborated with MEA on calls in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


Built 3M's first corporate Myspace page via a custom CSS layout; Launched Drupal CMS websites for key account customers - for fun.


I've contributed as an organizer, student mentor, and disabled ski instructor, and am an elected director on my alumni society board.

Public Speaker

Delivered presentations on innovation and the Lead User Research Process, as well as guest lectures on Marketing and the Art of Selling.


2012 - 2014


Responsible for global digital strategy development in 3M's Center of Digital Marketing Excellence: A group specializing in tactical execution, contribution of measurable business impact, and enhanced digital customer interactions.

This includes blueprinting all mobile web, content, and search strategies, conceptualizing and developing new sites and applications, executing e-commerce and digital demand generation campaigns, and driving high visibility market-centric initiatives for new digital platforms under development across the business.

Global Marketing Excellence Award Corporate Finalist, 2012
Global Marketing Excellence Award Regional/Business Winner, 2012

2011 - 2012


Responsible for growing $7MM portfolio of energy efficient lighting products and guiding diverse cross-functional teams during the design, manufacture, and launch of the industry-leading Sun Gun II.

Managed vendor shortages and International channel conflicts to finish 15% above plan globally, with year on year US growth of 18% and bottom line increases of 24%.

2010 - 2011


Entrepreneurial position guiding a portfolio of new growth venture or merger and acquisition opportunities through an internal venture capital and funding process.

Built successful business plan, regulatory strategy, and commercialization proposal to win funding for an acquisition bringing robotic automation to emerging markets. Completed a process audit and inventory analysis to establish new operational workflows and sales cycles to drive growth.

2006 - 2010


Managed a $20.5MM business as part of a team selling into automotive, retail, and marine markets in Los Angeles. Grew the business by an average of 7.5% per year over three and a half years in a difficult economy.

Finished at 106% of annual target in 2009 despite double digit market and industry downturns. Exceeded 12 of 14 quarterly sales goals in a three year period; Developed a solid understanding of relationship-selling and building customer loyalty with channel partners.

Elected to the Sales Advisory Council, 2008-2010
Sales Advisory Council Secretary, 2009



Spent a summer producing Man-On-The-Street videos, pitching media contacts, and assembling graphic design projects as an intern at one of the best public relations agencies in Los Angeles.

Delivered projects for ESPN, LEGO, Symantec, Memorex, Nature Made, KB Home, J-Date, Johnny Rockets, General Cigar, Razor, and the Ansari X Prize.



In 2010 I flew to Beijing, purchased a Peoples Liberation Army bike, and did what everyone said couldn't be done: An epic circumnavigation of the Yellow Sea.


I've summitted 11 of California's 15 fourteen-thousand foot peaks and have climbed on five continents in a dozen countries. Is there a more goal-oriented activity?


I soloed before I had a drivers license and have been sailing since I was kid. Flying requires intense focus, a calm and rational mind, and the ability to multi-task.


Immersion in a new environment is a great way to think outside the box and get inspired. A few of my favorite spots are Panama, New Mexico, and Montenegro.